The First Trailer for Indie Romance COMET has Arrived


The first trailer for indie romance Comet has arrived online, and just like that IFC has acquired North American rights to the directorial debut from Sam Esmail, starring Emmy Rossum and Justin Long with Eric Winter among the supporting cast members .

Comet got premiered in June at the Los Angeles Film Festival and opens on December 5th.

The story is told in non-linear fashion and follows the complicated relationship between bright, skeptical Kimberly (Rossum) and the uptight Dell (Long).  The odd couple first met at a Hollywood cemetery during a meteor shower when a guy who didn’t believe in love decided to date a girl who did.

Well, it’s the start of a romantic roller coaster ride that lasts six years and leaps from a Paris tryst to a squabble in New York to the Hollywood Hills, taking risky and unexpected emotional turns with daredevil aplomb.

Watch the first trailer below, featuring the song “It’s Okay” from Tom Rosenthal.

The trailer doesn’t really do the film justice. Many of those shots are set up in such a way that Long and Rossum only take up a portion of the bottom half of the frame.