‘The Force Awakens’ Pulls In $57M and Targets $125M This Opening Day

Thursday Night Record

No, you can’t stop The Force, it destroys Harry Potter’s Thursday night record in U.S., posting $57 million on opening night.

My guess for the weekend is $255 million, but the way records are calculated is meaningless – anything before 12.01 is a Thursday and shouldn’t be included in weekend numbers.

However, the budget for the film was around 200 million and they’re gonna do more than break even by Sunday. Star Wars: The Force Awakens will open in most other markets Friday. $1.5 billion is due to cost of Disney buyout of Lucasfilms, but Disney will get their money – every store in the entire country has Star Wars merch.

Thursday Night Record

The two hours and sixteen minutes long prequel obviously deserves every bit of that money. It’s a great film, if a little too safe. Successfully washes away the bitter taste of the prequels.

More updates on The Force Awaken‘s box office ascension on Sunday.

Source: Deadline