THE LAZARUS EFFECT First Trailer; Olivia Wilde Gets All Creepy

Blumhouse Horror Film

Olivia WIlde stars in the upcoming Blumhouse horror, The Lazarus Effect and we have your first look at the trailer that’s been playing ahead of The Woman In Black 2: Angel of Death.

Wilde stars alongside Mark Duplass, Quicksilver himself, Evan Peters, Sarah Bolger, and spoiler alert: Donald Glover who gets killed by Wild in the new trailer for director David Gelb’s film that opens in theaters on February 27th.

And yes, producer Jason Blum is open to doing a sequel if its a hit, because, obviously and yes, they’ll bring that black guy from “Community” back from the dead, for the sequel of course.

They actually remade Joel Schumacher‘s 1990 horror-thriller, Flatliners, but the cast here is mighty promising. Pretty ballsy to debut the trailer the same night as Ant-Man‘s.

Olivia Wilde

The Lazarus Effect focuses on a team of researchers who are working on bringing dead matter back to life. Unfortunately, their project leads to the death of one of their colleagues (Wilde), whom they revive with their research, simultaneously unlocking a sinister force. The team then attempts to confine their undead colleague in the lab and protect the outside world from their horrific discovery.