‘The Raid: Redemption’ Remake Loses Director, Distributor and Star

Gareth Evans‘ Action Film

Update: Ouch! Frank Grillo is no longer attached to The Raid: Redemption remake. Instead, he will return as Crossbones in Captain America: Civil War on May 6, 2016.

The Tracking Board first broke the news that the planned English-language remake of the hit Indonesian action film The Raid: Redemption is in trouble. The film’s lead Taylor Kitsch has left the project due to the delay, and director Patrick Hughes (The Expendables 3) has decided to move on as well, according to their sources.

The film’s distributor/production company Screen Gems has exited the project, too. XYZ Films now remain the sole production company involved with the project that still has Frank Grillo attached to star in it.

It’s unknown why Hughes is no longer part of the project, which was first announced back in February 2014, but was put on hold last May, with a view to shoot in early 2015. The Raid remake is now stuck in production limbo and likely won’t get rolling again for a while.

The kick-ass sequel follows the lead character from the Gareth Evans‘ original film as he’s sent on an undercover mission to take down a corrupt police system. Evans worked on the script and will executive produce the remake.

Although many people think that it’s the best news all morning, I think it’s inevitable that The Raid is going to get a remake. This action movie has “brand recognition” to a certain section of the market, for God’s sake. The only question is who should be the lead?

The Raid was a go movie and there was one character, the critical character, that they were just not happy with. There’s not a lot of 30-something guys out there that… there’s a lot of training, a lot of martial arts training. They weren’t going to remake The Raid, which is a beloved film, if they couldn’t find a guy who could find the physical stuff and they hadn’t been able to do that. So I think we’re going to come back around after I’m done with the second 10 [episodes of Kingdom]. We’re going to come back around to that,” Grillo told /Film a couple of months ago.

Update: Unfortunately, Frank Grillo has also declared that he has moved on.

I was an optimist, although now I’m leaning more toward pessimism. It looks like it’s better file this next to the Crow remake in films that will never happen at this point.