Tom Hardy Wants to Play the Punisher for Marvel

During an interview with Collider, the Mad Max: Fury Road star Tom Hardy spoke about playing The Punisher for Marvel. The actor have dropped out of Suicide Squad (Joel Kinnaman ended up taking the role of Rick Flagg that had originally been earmarked for Hardy), but seemed interested in the prospect, and put Frank Castle on the top of his wishlist:

Collider: I heard Warner Bros. has a few more superhero movies, maybe one or two that they’re developing [Laughs].

HARDY: I want The Punisher… I want The Punisher, or Splinter Cell, I want something…I don’t know what I want.

You as Punisher could be very interesting.

HARDY: I’m not big enough to be The Punisher, I’m 5’9” [Laughs].

But I actually think that adds to the character.

HARDY: Frank Castle, I would love it. Is that him, isn’t it?

Yeah. It’s Frank Castle.

This is the dream. It remains unclear what plans Marvel has for The Punisher on the big screen after getting the movie rights back from Lionsgate. Three previous installments with Dolph Lundgren (1989), Thomas Jane (2004) and Ray Stevenson (2008) under the skull-emblazoned leather jacket weren’t number one with a bullet at the box office. Neither they were received warmly by fans of the character.

Frank Castle Character

I think the best way for The Punisher is through Netflix and I wonder if The Dark Knight Rises alum would be willing to go to the streaming service for the role?