Trailer for Juzo Itami’s 4K-Restored ‘Tampopo’

Japanese Restored Classic

Janus Films has released the new 4K restoration trailer for Japanese classic Tampopo, the Juzo Itami’s rapturous “ramen western” in the vain of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly meets Amélie meets Babette’s Feast.

The offbeat comedy about a cowboy hat-wearing driver who stops at a small family-run restaurant and decides to help its fledgling business, combines mouth-watering Asian cuisine and weird sex stuff, one of Itami’s favorite topics.

The film was first released in the US in 1987 and will return to theaters in a new 4K restoration on Friday, October 21st at Film Forum in NYC, then October 28th in LA at the Landmark Nuart, and eventually in more US cinemas. Check out the new trailer and poster for Tampopo, starring Tsutomu Yamazaki, Nobuko Miyamoto, Koji Yakusho, and a young Ken Watanabe.

Japanese cult classic

Yeah, it looks like some sort of Japanese satire of Clint Eastwood‘s spaghetti Westerns.

Japanese Restored Classic

In this humorous paean to the joys of food, the main story is about trucker Goro, who rides into town like a modern Shane to help Tampopo set up the perfect noodle soup restaurant. Woven into this main story are a number of smaller stories about the importance of food, ranging from a gangster who mixes hot sex with food, to an old woman who terrorizes a shopkeeper by compulsively squeezing his wares.