Trailer for Mae Whitman, Martin Starr Tech Comedy ‘Operator’

Logan Kibens' Tech Comedy

Logan Kibens’ new film Operator is about a hotel concierge Emily (Mae Whitman) who gets recruited by her husband Joe (Martin Starr) to provide the voice for the hotline of the health insurance company Joe works for.

Directed by Logan Kibens, this tech-driven romantic comedy premiered at South by Southwest and arrives on November 8. Operator is now in limited release. If you’re not sufficiently gutted by the Spike Jonze film, you can at least check out the trailer below.

Starring Mae Whitman and Martin Starr

Good to see Egg again.

Joe (Martin Starr) loves data. He tracks his diet and exercise, his mood and sex life – turning the information into beautiful charts that help him control his often overwhelming anxiety. At work Joe designs personalities for digital customer service voices, but his latest robo-agent for a client is a disaster. In a moment of inspiration he enlists his wife Emily (Mae Whitman) to serve as the template for the redesigned voice. The project goes well until Joe’s obsession with replicating his wife’s empathy threatens their marriage.