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UPDATE: Ahead of the third Trailer Park Boys movie’s release on April 18, check out the brand new weed poster below.

Here’s a brand new, borderline NSFW trailer for Trailer Park Boys: Don’t Legalize It, the third feature film of the cult classic Canadian comedy franchise, Trailer Park Boys.

Hungry for more antics from irreverent hosers Ricky, Julian and Bubbles? The foul-mouthed trio from Sunnyvale Trailer Park, portrayed by Robb Wells, John Paul Tremblay and Mike Smith are “out of jail and broke, forcing Julian to concoct “an outrageously greasy scheme” to get rich while Ricky’s dope-growing business is threatened by Ottawa’s plan to legalize marijuana. Meanwhile, Bubbles is on his own quest to claim an inheritance left to him by his long-lost parents.”

Over its erratic seven-season lifetime Showcase in Canada, the series inspired two feature films. Entertainment One will release this one in theaters April 18.

Check it out below. “F*ckin Randy’s gut is full of dirty old cheeseburgers.”

Trailer Park Boys has a simple premise – three childhood buddies, born and raised in a Nova Scotian trailer park, hatch a bunch of get-rich-quick schemes that usually (always) involve weed and alcohol. It resides in the same “every character on this show is an awful person” camp created by Seinfeld and carried on in It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, but the Boys vibe is definitely unique: Seinfeld and Always Sunny always operated behind a we-know-we’re-awful-human-beings veil, there is nothing self-aware about Trailer Park. The protagonists are rotten people in the best possible way.

Trailer_Park_Boys _Dont_Legalize_It

Here’s our first look at the latest poster for Julian, Ricky, and Bubbles’ latest adventure. It’s awesome.