TRON 3 to Start Shooting This Fall in Vancouver

GarrettHedlund Sam Flynn

Vancouver-based VanCityBuzz is reporting that Disney has greenlit a Tron sequel and the third film in the series will shoot in the city, October 5th with Garrett Hedlund (Sam Flynn) being the only cast member confirmed to return.

What’s more, it sounds like Joseph Kosinski (TRON: Legacy) is returning to direct. Yeah, it really looks like Tron 3 is happening. I hope they’ll get Daft Punk to do the score again, the 100 remixes that you hear at EDM shows.

I liked the second Tron movie, dare I say, much more than the original, even though it might have been a bit “hollow.” Visually stunning to say the least. Just bring back Olivia Wilde as Quorra and Cillian Murphy as Dillinger’s son, get a better screenwriter and I’m on board.

I also hope they’ll show more of the long-abandoned Flynn’s Arcade in the next Tron movie.