WALK OF SHAME Red Band Trailer


A second red band trailer for Elizabeth BanksWalk of Shame, offers a slightly better look at director Steven Brill’s R-rated comedy.

The 4o-year-old actress plays an aspiring TV reporter Meghan Miles, who finds herself stranded in downtown Los Angeles without a car or purse at the house of one-night hookup Gordon, played by James Marsden.

Things get steamy with Gordon when the usually mild-mannered Meghan gets rejected for a promotion. But of course, just as Meghan is at her most disheveled, she gets a message that she can have another shot at the position.

Gillian Jacobs, Sarah Wright, Bill Burr and Tig Notaro also star in the film which arrives in theaters and VOD on May 2nd.

Watch the new red-band trailer which shows some of the hijinks that ensue during Banks’ trek.

The outrageous comedy WALK OF SHAME stars Elizabeth Banks (THE HUNGER GAMES, PITCH PERFECT) as a resourceful reporter whose one-night stand with a handsome stranger (James Marsden of ANCHORMAN 2) leaves her stranded the next morning in downtown Los Angeles without a phone, car, ID, or money – and only 8 hours before the most important job interview of her career.