Watch: A Visual Comparison of Andrei Tarkovsky and Lars von Trier

Side-By-Side Comparison

Over the years, Lars von Trier has been quite open about Andrei Tarkovsky‘s influence on his own work. And this is the main theme in the following video from Titouan Ropert, titled Le Maître et l’élève, where he compared scenes from the movies by two filmmakers, looking for visual similarity.

Check out this side-by-side comparison.

Side-by-side comparison

“Have you ever seen a film called the “Mirror”? I was hypnotised! I’ve seen it 20 times. It’s the closest I’ve got to a religion – to me he is God. And if I didn’t dedicate the film (Antichrist) to Tarkovsky, then everyone would say I was stealing from him. If you are stealing, then dedicate,” Danish filmmaker said in an interview with Time Out.