Watch: First Trailer for Ben Wheatley’s ‘High-Rise’

Ben Wheatley’s Period Drama

StudioCanal has released a little strange 81-second teaser for Ben Wheatley’s new thriller High-Rise, an adaptation of J.G. Ballard’s classic dystopian novel, starring Tom Hiddleston in the lead.

The film tells the story of Dr. Robert Laing (Hiddleston), the film’s antihero who moves into a luxury apartment complex that is cut off from the rest of society, but isn’t quite convincing when he claims “there’s almost no reason to leave” the tower.

High-Rise also stars Jeremy Irons, Sienna Miller, Luke Evans, and Elisabeth Moss. The film premiered back in October at the London Film Festival and opens in the UK on March 18th. Magnolia will release it in the U.S. sometime next year.

Check out the first trailer below, formatted as an advertisement for the fictional Royal Architects’ building.

Ben Wheatley is like our generation’s David Cronenberg. There are also touches of Ken Russell and Stanley Kubrick. Looks promising.

Ben Wheatley’s Period Drama

When a class war erupts inside a luxurious apartment block, modern elevators become violent battlegrounds and cocktail parties degenerate into marauding attacks on “enemy” floors. In this visionary tale, human society slips into violent reverse as once-peaceful residents, driven by primal urges, re-create a world ruled by the laws of the jungle.