Watch: First Trailer for Russian Epic ‘The Duelist’

Russian Period Film

The upcoming historical drama The Duelist (Дуэлянт) from Alexander Rodnyansky‘s Non-Stop Productions and Russian writer-director Aleksey Mizgirev gets its first trailer.

Starring Vladimir Mashkov, Pyotr Fyodorov, Yuliya Khlynina, Franziska Petri, Martin Wuttke, Sergey Garmash, Pavel Tabakov, Yuri Kolokolnikov, and Aleksandr Yatsenko, an 1800’s set piece follows the exploits of a traveling duelist-for-hire.

The first trailer for The Duelist contains no dialogue and focus on the plentiful flintlocks in action. Watch below.

Looks great. The genre movie will be digitally supersized by Imax for a giant screen engagement starting in Sept. 2016.

Update: Ahead of its TIFF premiere, Mizgirev’s period drama Duelist sees the release of the first full-length trailer with English subtitles. Check it out in the player below.

Alexey Mizgirev's period drama

“Although the plot of The Duelist is original, Russian writer-director Alexey Mizgirev’s enjoyable period drama feels like an adaptation of some lost Russian epic novel of the 19th century by, say, a contemporary of Ivan Turgenev or Mikhail Lermontov.” (The Hollywood Reporter)

Russian Period Drama

Saint Petersburg, 1860. Retired officer Yakovlev is a mysterious and unbeatable duelist for hire. For a fee, he fights on behalf of those too weak, unskilled or frightened to fight duels themselves, as is permitted by the Russian code of honor.Yakovlev has a dark secret: years ago, he was framed for a crime he didn’t commit by the powerful Count Beklemishev, stripped of his title and sent into exile to die a lonely death in disgrace. But he survived, assumed another identity and has returned to St. Petersburg to seek revenge. There, he meets the young and beautiful Princess Martha and the two fall in love.His romance transforms Yakovlev and brings him back to life. But then he learns that his enemy, Count Beklemishev, plans to marry Martha to obtain her enormous fortune. Yakovlev has to reveal himself and confront his enemy, despite mortal danger, in order to save his love and avenge himself.