Watch: New Trailer for ‘Colonia’ Starring Emma Watson and Daniel Bruhl

Emma Watson's New Film

Fox and Majestic have released a brand-new trailer for Colonia, a chilling historical thriller, set in Chile in 1973. Emma Watson‘s new film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival to mixed reviews.

Directed by Florian Gallenberger, the Chile-set political thriller stars Harry Potter alumni and Daniel Bruhl as lovers caught in the crossfire of a murderous military coup at a time when there is protests on the streets against dictator General Augusto Pinochet.

Michael Nyqvist co-stars as a former Nazi turned religious extremist Paul Schäfer who run the notorious Colonia Dignidad, a torture camp where a talented graphic artist Daniel has been taken.

The film is set for release in Germany on February 18. Screen Media Films will release it in the U.S., but still no release date has been set. However, you can have a look at the new trailer below, along with an official synopsis.

Like very much of Bruhl and Nyqvist but Watson never convinced me. Gallenberger apparently falls short in the translation from the real-life events onto the big screen, using the “relationship” as a basis and expanded on the rest. I’m wondering though if the movie will be shown in Chile.

Emma Watson And Daniel Bruhl

Chile, 1973. Lufthansa flight attendant Lena (Watson) is in Santiago to visit her boyfriend, Daniel (Brühl), a talented graphic artist creating images in support of embattled President Salvador Allende. When Allende is violently ousted, General Augusto Pinochet’s forces begin rounding up dissidents. Daniel is taken to the remote stronghold of Colonia Dignidad (“Dignity Colony”), home to a secret agricultural commune and crypto-fascist sect led by sinister minister Paul Schäfer (Michael Nyqvist). Daniel is interrogated and tortured, but feigns severe mental deterioration to stay alive. Valiant and wily, Lena travels to Colonia and offers herself up to Schäfer as a follower. She is determined to find and free Daniel — but first she must ensure that she herself can survive Schäfer’s crushingly oppressive, viciously misogynistic practices.