Watch Official Trailer for Russian-Kazakh Film ‘Ayka’

Russian-Kazakh Film

The Match Factory has released an official trailer for the social drama Ayka (Айка), which has been shortlisted together with eight other films for the 91st Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film.

At the Cannes Film Festival in May, the film won the Best Actress award for Samal Yeslyamova’s portrayal of a young immigrant from Kyrgyzstan struggling for survival in Russia. It took six years to shoot Ayka, with filming occurring only during the winters.

You can check out the official international trailer below. No official US release date for the film is set yet.

Russian-Kazakh Film

A poor woman without a job struggles to raise her child. Ayka (Samal Yeslyamova) just gave birth. She can’t afford to raise a child. She has no job, debts to be paid, not even a room of her own. But there is no way to suppress her natural instincts.