Watch: ‘Passengers’ Zero-Gravity Clip

Lawrence's Gravity-Free Swim

Sony Pictures (via EW) has released new Passengers clip, which shows Jennifer Lawrence‘s character in a cute bathing suit going for a gravity-free swim.

The Morten Tyldum‘s sci-fi thriller follows Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) and Aurora Dunn (Lawrence), two people out of 5,000 who are on a 120-year journey through outer space aboard a colony ship when they are woken up 90 years too early. Jon Spaihts‘ screenplay laded on the Black List of best un-produced screenplays in 2007.

Also starring Michael Sheen, Laurence Fishburne, Andy Garcia, Aurora Perrineau, and Fred Melamed, Passengers will hit theaters on December 21, 2017. Check out the new clip for the upcoming Christmas-weekend blockbuster.

Lawrence's gravity-free swim

Yep, space is a dangerous place, especially given that Miss Lawrence is your sole companion. Poor Pratt.

J-Law & Pratt Sci-Fi Romance

On a routine journey through space to a new home, two passengers, sleeping in suspended animation, are awakened 90 years too early when their ship malfunctions. As Jim (Chris Pratt) and Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence) face living the rest of their lives on board, with every luxury they could ever ask for, they begin to fall for each other, unable to deny their intense attraction… until they discover the ship is in grave danger. With the lives of 5000 sleeping passengers at stake, only Jim and Aurora can save them all.

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