Watch: Teaser for French Sci-Fi ‘Ickerman’

A Proof Of Concept

Not only Luc Besson knows how to make a sci-fi movie in France —Raphael Hernandez and Savitri Joly-Gonfard (Kaydara) are also capable of doing the same.

Case in point, a proof of concept for their first feature film Ickerman has debuted online.

In the vein of Tron meets Drive, this is currently the project in development, with “no budget,” with a single day shoot and three months of post production executed solely by the French duo who work professionally under the name of “Seth Ickerman.”

The teaser video does not reveal much, it is serving as a demo reel of sorts, but it looks very unique and natural. Watch.

The screenplay will be polished in the coming months by a English-speaking screenwriter and they’re hoping to shoot in first half of 2017 once they secure funding.

A Proof Of Concept

Taking place in a futuristic megalopolis where new technologies and virtual reality are ruling society, ICKERMAN is an original story following a nostalgic teacher obsessed with 35 mm films and old cars. After a string of disturbing events, he falls into his imaginary world and starts acting like the characters he admires to deliver his best friend from the guru of this digital era.