Watch: Teaser Trailer for Sion Sono’s ‘Shinjuku Swan 2’

Sono Sion's Upcoming Sequel

The teaser trailer and poster for the sequel to 2015’s Shinjuku Swan, based on Wakui Ken‘s manga has been released.

Sono Sion‘s upcoming Shinjuku Swan 2 follows Tatsuhiko Shiratori (Gou Ayano), a scout for hostess bars in the Tokyo’s Shinjuku district – drawn into conflict with Masaki Taki (Tadanobu Asano), who is the CEO of a larger recruiting company.

Also starring Alice Hirose, Yusuke Iseya, Motoki Fukami, Nobuaki Kaneko, and Yu Yamada, Shinjuku Swan 2 opens in Japan on January 21, 2017, but does not yet have a U.S. release. Watch the new trailer, and check out the new poster below.

Sono Sion's upcoming sequel

I don’t know, for sure, but the sequel promises to deliver an intense cinematic experience filled with “violent, passionate tough guys, beautiful but ephemeral women, and manly friendship.”

Sono Sion's Upcoming Sequel

Tatsuhiko Shiratori is a henchman, responsible for recruiting girls to work in the adult entertainment business. Moving to Yokohama, he conflicts with local leader, Masaki Taki.

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