Watch: Trailer for Andrei Kravchuk’s Period Epic ‘Viking’

Andrei Kravchuk's Period Epic

The first full-length trailer for Andrei Kravchuk‘s period epic Viking has arrived,  in advance of a film’s theatrical release in Russia.

Starring Danila Kozlovsky, Maxim Sukhanov, Igor Petrenko, Svetlana Hodchenkova, Maxim Sukhanov and Alexander Bortich, the film will be released on December 22, 2016. 

Bringing Kravchuk’s ambitious visions to the screen, Viking is simply massive with every single scrap of every single frame, although being made with an eye towards commercial success. The filmmaker is best known for directing the devastating 2005 drama The Italian, the winner of the 2005 Berlin Film Festival.

There’s no chance for Viking to arrive in US theaters so watching out for Russian, German or French blu-rays is usually a good idea. Check out the trailer below and become intoxicated on the visuals (via TwitchFilm).

History is a symptom of our disease. From the time of heavy swords and dark laws of blood, when the pressure of great chaos gave rise to heroes. From the Dark Ages came the story that changed the world forever.

Kravchuk’s Period Epic