Watch: Trailer for Chinese ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Rip-Off

Mad Max Rip-Off

A trailer for a Chinese re-do of Mad Max: Fury Road titled Mad Shelia: Virgin Road punches its way online, even though it suggests that they may have missed the point of the whole thing.

Check out the trailer below if you’re into watching terrible movies.

Mad Max Rip-Off

“You text me again.” Come on China. You’re better than this.

Mad Max Rip-Off

Mad Shelia: Virgin Road is the first of two rip-offs – the second one is titled Mad Shelia: Revenge of the Road and opens in 2017. Description (from Telegraph): “Both follow the renegade adventures of Xi Liya, a bounty hunter who wanders the desert disguised as a man. When she encounters a coterie of virgins about to be sold to steampunk-looking warlords, she must fight to rescue them. Numerous bits of scenery-chewing and Flash-animation explosions appear to ensue.” Both of the Mad Sheila films are directed by Lu Lei, who is also the CEO of production company New Media Films. The first film is already on the Chinese streaming service TenCent Video.

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