Jurassic World Wins Fourth Crown

Update: Disney confirmed that Inside Out ended up with $29.77 million over the three day weekend instead of the $30.1 million that we first reported. The figures for Jurassic World have also been adjusted down from yesterday’s $30.1 million. Universal puts actual earnings for the film at $29.24 million, which means that the dinos have been beaten at the US box office.

Jurassic World and Inside Out top the holiday weekend, leaving Terminator Genisys to settle for third place, while Magic Mike XXL bombed after a strong opening day.

The four-time king, Jurassic World, narrowly edged out Inside Out, the highest-grossing film to never hit #1, by a mere $800,000.  Pixar Animation’s latest hit has earned a total of $246.1 million. Meanwhile, Dino-blockbuster sequel is the fourth highest grossing film domestically and the fifth-highest worldwide with $1.38 billion.

Sadly, the sequels Terminator Genisys and Magic Mike XXL both failed to match previous installments; Genisys with $28.7 million for the three days and $44.2 million for the five and Warner’s stripper sequel with just $27.1 million over five-and-a-half days. However, Genisys was made for $155 million, while Magic Mike XXL was made for just under $15 million. (Note to all the directors out there: when James Cameron is done with a franchise, don’t try to follow him. It never works out.)

In other disappointing sequel news, Seth MacFarlane’s Ted 2 took a massive plunge in its sophomore frame, dropping to fifth place with $11 million, down a giant 67%, with a domestic gross of $58.3 million, which is slightly more than the original movie’s opening weekend.

Here are this weekend’s top-ten list based on studio estimates:

Jurassic World Wins Fourth Crown

Join me next weekend for Minions, The Gallows and Self/Less. Yeah, it is time for the Minions to take over and create some chaos of their own.

Update: Jurassic World actually fell to third with $42.1 million. Inside Out won the five-day period too with $45.1 million, and newcomer Terminator Genisys barely edged out Jurassic World to take second with $42.5 million.